Package com.interface21.web.servlet.mvc

Standard handler implementations for Spring's web MVC framework.


Interface Summary
Controller Simple MVC controller interface.

Class Summary
AbstractCommandController Abstract base class for custom command controllers.
AbstractController Convenient superclass for controller implementations, using the Template Method design pattern.
AbstractFormController Form controller that autopopulates a form bean from the request, using a new bean instance per request.
AbstractWizardFormController Form controller for typical wizard-style workflows.
BaseCommandController Controller implementation that creates a Command object on receipt of requests, and attempts to populate the command's JavaBean properties with request attributes.
DemoController Simple demonstration of how to implement a controller.
ParameterizableViewController Trivial controller that always returns a named view.
SimpleControllerHandlerAdapter Adapter to use the Controller workflow interface with the generic DispatcherServlet.
SimpleFormController Concrete FormController implementation that provides configurable form and success views, and an onSubmit chain for convenient overriding.
WebContentGenerator Convenient superclass for any kind of web content generator, like AbstractController and MultiActionController.

Exception Summary
SessionRequiredException Exception thrown when a Controller requires a session for the current method.

Package com.interface21.web.servlet.mvc Description

Standard handler implementations for Spring's web MVC framework. Provides both abstract base classes and concrete implementations.

A Controller as defined in this package is analogous to a Struts Action. Controllers are usually JavaBeans.

Rod Johnson and Spring contributors 2001-2003.