Package org.springframework.batch.integration.chunk

Interface Summary
ChunkHandler<T> Interface for a remote worker in the Remote Chunking pattern.
StepContributionSource A source of StepContribution instances that can be aggregated and used to update an ongoing StepExecution.

Class Summary
ChunkProcessorChunkHandler<S> A ChunkHandler based on a ChunkProcessor.
ChunkRequest<T> Encapsulation of a chunk of items to be processed remotely as part of a step execution.
ChunkResponse Encapsulates a response to processing a chunk of items, summarising the result as a StepContribution.
MessageSourcePollerInterceptor A ChannelInterceptor that turns a pollable channel into a "pass-thru channel": if a client calls receive() on the channel it will delegate to a MessageSource to pull the message directly from an external source.
RemoteChunkHandlerFactoryBean<T> Convenient factory bean for a chunk handler that also converts an existing chunk-oriented step into a remote chunk master.

Exception Summary
AsynchronousFailureException Exception indicating that a failure or early completion condition was detected in a remote worker.

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