Spring Batch 2.0.2.RELEASE Release Notes


  • [BATCH-1341] - DataSourceInitializer throws ArrayOutOfBoundException when any destroyScript is specified
  • [BATCH-1345] - Fix error message for when <tasklet/> has no ref= or <chunk/>
  • [BATCH-1351] - An empty <*-exception-classes/> list does not override parent's list
  • [BATCH-1354] - Infinite loop caused by throwing an Error from the ItemWriter of a skippable step
  • [BATCH-1355] - Step scope causes type= attribute of <value/> to be ignored
  • [BATCH-1362] - Threads spinning doing nothing at end of multi-threaded Step
  • [BATCH-1363] - Job stopped in split state does not finish with status = STOPPED


  • [BATCH-1342] - Check for valid parameter arguments in CommandLineJobRunner
  • [BATCH-1359] - Throw helpful error from JdbcCursorItemReader if read() called before open()
  • [BATCH-1360] - Throw helpful error from if Tasklet.execute() returns null

New Feature

  • [BATCH-1361] - Support for maps in PassThroughFieldExtractor
  • [BATCH-1370] - Bind to non-scalar map entry values in step scope