Use Case: Scheduler Managed Processing


Ensure that an Enterprise Scheduler can interact with the Batch Launcher to start, stop, suspend and/or kill a batch job.


  • Batch jobs tends to run within carefully planned job stream schedules. At a minimum this requires an integration between the Batch Launcher (in the abstract) and the scheduler's control mechanism to start and stop batch jobs and then to understand the results of the batch job execution (e.g. COMPLETED, ABENDED, etc.) so that subsequent actions may be taken.
  • Spring Batch does not aim to implement the scheduling concerns as such (other tools are available for that). The framework, does need to provide the information that such tools need to decide when to act and what to do (e.g. exit code mapping).


  • A mechanism has been established for the scheduler to launch a batch job. This is often times a simple unix or dos shell script.
  • A mapping of exit codes to the error code numbers that the scheduler is expecting on the exiting of a batch job.


  • Batch Jobs are launched and managed by scheduler