Spring Batch 2.1.0.M1 Release Notes


  • [BATCH-1298] - no-rollback-exception-classes ignored by non-chunk-oriented TaskletStep
  • [BATCH-1366] - Syntactic sugar for CompositeItemProcessor and CompositeItemWriter in namespace
  • [BATCH-1367] - Syntactic sugar for Item*Adapter in namespace
  • [BATCH-1368] - Update docs to remove listener class="..."/ syntax
  • [BATCH-1381] - Update docs for include/ and exclude/ in exception lists


  • [BATCH-1390] - ExecutionContextPromotionListener erases previous step
  • [BATCH-1392] - Throttle limit is not parsed in ChunkElementParser
  • [BATCH-1397] - Late binding only happens once per ApplicationContext if expression is in substring
  • [BATCH-1408] - SimpleJobLauncher Package wrong
  • [BATCH-1410] - Isolation Level in the Example is not supported
  • [BATCH-1413] - A typo in the 11.8 of reference documentation


  • [BATCH-630] - Possibility to trim input line and fields in Fieldset in LineTokenizer
  • [BATCH-742] - Inclusion of a ResourceItemReader that will return resources (such as files in a directory) instead of records from a single resource.
  • [BATCH-915] - Call open() lazily in MultiResourceItemReader to allow resources to be skipped
  • [BATCH-1323] - Modify skip/retry/no-rollback exception class configurations to allow for exclude/include
  • [BATCH-1339] - Move task-executor attribute up from chunk/ to tasklet/
  • [BATCH-1357] - Allow empty listeners/, retry-listeners/, and streams/ lists
  • [BATCH-1375] - Give CompositeItemProcessor's and CompositeItemWriter's property the same name (delegates)
  • [BATCH-1404] - archetype update
  • [BATCH-1409] - More efficient use of pool threads in repeat template (hence multi-threaded steps)

New Feature

  • [BATCH-1277] - Add JobParametersBuilder.addJobParameter(String key, JobParameter parameter)
  • [BATCH-1348] - Allow inlining of reader/writer/processor into chunk/
  • [BATCH-1350] - Add back (much simplified) StepExecutionResourceProxy
  • [BATCH-1356] - Line reader for binary files
  • [BATCH-1358] - Copy InfiniteLoopIncrementer into core, and rename it to RunIdIncrementer
  • [BATCH-1385] - Composite elements do not honour @Order annotations
  • [BATCH-1389] - Thread safety in *PagingReader
  • [BATCH-1406] - Avoid deadlock with database pool and multithreaded step when throttle limit is too high.
  • [BATCH-1415] - Execution context cannot be saved on Oracle (UTF8) when context length is between 2000 and 2500 characters


  • [BATCH-973] - Switch RetryPolicy back to Throwable instead of Exception as in 1.x
  • [BATCH-1414] - Move schema scripts to a package