Connection package providing low-level abstractions for interacting with the various Redis 'drivers'/libraries.


Interface Summary
Message Class encapsulating a Redis message body and its properties.
MessageListener Listener of messages published in Redis.
Pool<T> Pool of resources
RedisCommands Interface for the commands supported by Redis.
RedisConnection A connection to a Redis server.
RedisConnectionCommands Connection-specific commands supported by Redis.
RedisConnectionFactory Thread-safe factory of Redis connections.
RedisHashCommands Hash-specific commands supported by Redis.
RedisKeyCommands Key-specific commands supported by Redis.
RedisListCommands List-specific commands supported by Redis.
RedisPubSubCommands PubSub-specific Redis commands.
RedisScriptingCommands Scripting commands.
RedisServerCommands Server-specific commands supported by Redis.
RedisSetCommands Set-specific commands supported by Redis.
RedisStringCommands String/Value-specific commands supported by Redis.
RedisTxCommands Transaction/Batch specific commands supported by Redis.
RedisZSetCommands ZSet(SortedSet)-specific commands supported by Redis.
RedisZSetCommands.Tuple ZSet tuple.
SortParameters Entity containing the parameters for the SORT operation.
StringRedisConnection Convenience extension of RedisConnection that accepts and returns Strings instead of byte arrays.
StringRedisConnection.StringTuple String-friendly ZSet tuple.
Subscription Subscription for Redis channels.

Class Summary
DefaultMessage Default message implementation.
DefaultSortParameters Default implementation for SortParameters.
DefaultStringRedisConnection Default implementation of StringRedisConnection.
DefaultStringTuple Default implementation for StringRedisConnection.StringTuple interface.
DefaultTuple Default implementation for RedisZSetCommands.Tuple interface.
FutureResult<T> The result of an asynchronous operation
PoolConfig Subclass of GenericObjectPool.Config that includes setters for instantiation in Spring
SortParameters.Range Utility class wrapping the 'LIMIT' setting.

Enum Summary
DataType Enumeration of the Redis data types.
RedisListCommands.Position List insertion position.
RedisZSetCommands.Aggregate Sort aggregation operations.
ReturnType Represents a data type returned from Redis, currently used to denote the expected return type of Redis scripting commands
SortParameters.Order Sorting order.

Exception Summary
PoolException Exception thrown when there are issues with a resource pool
RedisInvalidSubscriptionException Exception thrown when subscribing to an expired/dead Subscription.
RedisPipelineException Exception thrown when executing/closing a pipeline that contains one or multiple invalid/incorrect statements.
RedisSubscribedConnectionException Exception thrown when issuing commands on a connection that is subscribed and waiting for events.

Package Description

Connection package providing low-level abstractions for interacting with the various Redis 'drivers'/libraries.

Performs exception translation between the underlying library exceptions to Spring's DAO hierarchy.