3. New Features

As of the 1.2.0 release, this project, formerly known as Spring GemFire, has been renamed to Spring Data GemFire to reflect that it is now a component of the Spring Data project.

3.1 New in the 1.3.0 Release

  • Annotation support for GemFire functions. It is now possible to declare and register functions written as POJOs with annotations. In addition function executions are defined as annotated interfaces, similar to the way Spring Data repositories work. See Chapter 10, Annotation Support for Function Execution

  • We have added a <datasource> tag to the gfe-data XML namespace. This simplifies establishing a basic client connection to a GemFire data grid.

  • To support JSON features introduced in GemFire 7.0, we have added a ,<json-region-autoproxy> tag to the gfe-data XML namespace, enabling Spring AOP to perform the necessary conversions automatically on region operations.

  • Upgraded to GemFire 7.0.1 and added namespace support for new AsyncEventQueue attributes

  • Added support for setting subscription interest policy on regions

3.2 New in the 1.2.1 Release

  • WAN Gateway Support for GemFire 7.0

3.3 New in the 1.2.0 Release

  • Full support for GemFire configuration via the gfe namespace. Now GemFire components may be configured completely without requiring a native cache.xml file.

  • WAN Gateway support for GemFire 6.6.x. See Section 5.9, “Configuring WAN Gateways”

  • Spring Data Repository support with a dedicated namespace, gfe-data. See Chapter 9, GemFire Repositories

  • Namespace support for registering GemFire functions. See Section 5.8, “Configuring GemFire's Function Service”

  • A top level <disk-store> element has been added to the gfe namespace to allow sharing of persist stores among regions, and other components that support persistent backup. See Section 5.7, “Configuring a Disk Store”

    The <*-region> elements no longer allow a nested <disk-store>
  • GemFire subregions are supported via nested <*-region> elements

  • A <local-region> element has been added to configure a local region