Developing a Spring Framework MVC application step-by-step


Thomas Risberg, Rick Evans, Portia Tung


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Table of Contents

1. What's covered
2. Prerequisite software
3. The application we are building
1. Basic Application and Environment Setup
1.1. Create the project directory structure
1.2. Create 'index.jsp'
1.3. Deploy the application to Tomcat
1.4. Check the application works
1.5. Download the Spring Framework
1.6. Modify 'web.xml' in the 'WEB-INF' directory
1.7. Copy libraries to 'WEB-INF/lib'
1.8. Create the Controller
1.9. Write a test for the Controller
1.10. Create the View
1.11. Compile and deploy the application
1.12. Try out the application
1.13. Summary
2. Developing and Configuring the Views and the Controller
2.1. Configure JSTL and add JSP header file
2.2. Improve the controller
2.3. Decouple the view from the controller
2.4. Summary
3. Developing the Business Logic
3.1. Review the business case of the Inventory Management System
3.2. Add some classes for business logic
3.3. Summary
4. Developing the Web Interface
4.1. Add reference to business logic in the controller
4.2. Modify the view to display business data and add support for message bundle
4.3. Add some test data to automatically populate some business objects
4.4. Add the message bundle and a 'clean' target to 'build.xml'
4.5. Adding a form
4.6. Adding a form controller
4.7. Summary
5. Implementing Database Persistence
5.1. Create database startup script
5.2. Create table and test data scripts
5.3. Add Ant tasks to run scripts and load test data
5.4. Create a Data Access Object (DAO) implementation for JDBC
5.5. Implement tests for JDBC DAO implementation
5.6. Summary
6. Integrating the Web Application with the Persistence Layer
6.1. Modify service layer
6.2. Fix the failing tests
6.3. Create new application context for service layer configuration
6.4. Add transaction and connection pool configuration to application context
6.5. Final test of the complete application
6.6. Summary
A. Build Scripts