Interface PropertyValuesValidator

public interface PropertyValuesValidator

Interface that can be implemented by application code that needs to validate PropertyValues. If an implementation of this interface is supplied, it will be invoked by a BeanWrapper implementation's setPropertyValues() method.

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Rod Johnson

Method Summary
 void validatePropertyValues(PropertyValues pvs)
          Are these PropertyValues invalid?

Method Detail


public void validatePropertyValues(PropertyValues pvs)
                            throws InvalidPropertyValuesException
Are these PropertyValues invalid? For example, are required properties missing? Does the presence of a particular property require others to be present? Implementations can rely on the contains() method of the PropertyValues interface, but cannot assume anything about the type of properties: type conversion is done only later, when PropertyValues are applied to a bean using a BeanWrapper object.
pvs - PropertyValues to validate
InvalidPropertyValuesException - if the PropertyValues object is invalid

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