Class OracleSQLExceptionTranslater

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public class OracleSQLExceptionTranslater
extends java.lang.Object
implements SQLExceptionTranslater

Implementation of SQLExceptionTranslator that uses Oracle vendor code, as included in the ORA-nnn methods. More precise than SQLState implementation, but Oracle-specific. The JdbcTemplate class enables error handling to be parameterized without making application's dependent on a particular RDBMS.
****TODO: this class should handle a much wider range of Oracle error codes. This can easily be done by adding additional values to the switch.

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Rod Johnson

Constructor Summary
Method Summary
 DataAccessException translate(java.lang.String task, java.lang.String sql, java.sql.SQLException sqlex)
          Translate the given SQL exception into a generic data access exception.
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Constructor Detail


public OracleSQLExceptionTranslater()
Method Detail


public DataAccessException translate(java.lang.String task,
                                     java.lang.String sql,
                                     java.sql.SQLException sqlex)
Description copied from interface: SQLExceptionTranslater
Translate the given SQL exception into a generic data access exception.
Specified by:
translate in interface SQLExceptionTranslater
See Also:
SQLExceptionTranslater.translate(java.lang.String, java.lang.String, java.sql.SQLException)

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