Package com.interface21.orm.hibernate

Package providing integration of Hibernate with Spring concepts.


Interface Summary
HibernateCallback Callback interface for Hibernate code.

Class Summary
HibernateInterceptor This interceptor binds a new Hibernate Session to the thread before a method call, closing and removing it afterwards in case of any method outcome.
HibernateTemplate Helper class that simplifies Hibernate data access code, and converts checked HibernateExceptions into unchecked HibernateJdbc/SystemExceptions, compatible to the com.interface21.dao exception hierarchy.
HibernateTransactionManager PlatformTransactionManager implementation for single Hibernate session factories.
HibernateTransactionObject Hibernate transaction object, representing a SessionHolder.
LocalSessionFactoryBean FactoryBean that creates local Hibernate SessionFactory instances.
SessionFactoryUtils Helper class featuring methods for Hibernate session handling, allowing for reuse of Hibernate Session instances within transactions.
SessionHolder Session holder, wrapping a Hibernate Session and a Hibernate Transaction.

Exception Summary
HibernateJdbcException Hibernate-specific subclass of DataAccessException, for JDBC exceptions that Hibernate rethrew.
HibernateSystemException Hibernate-specific subclass of DataAccessException, for Hibernate system errors that do not match any concrete com.interface21.dao exceptions.

Package com.interface21.orm.hibernate Description

Package providing integration of Hibernate with Spring concepts. Contains SessionFactory helper classes, a template plus callback for Hibernate access, and a Hibernate implementation of Spring's transaction SPI.

Rod Johnson and Spring contributors 2001-2003.