Support classes for the com.interface21.transaction package.


Interface Summary
TransactionCallback Callback interface for transactional code.
TransactionSynchronization Interface for callbacks after transaction completion.

Class Summary
AbstractPlatformTransactionManager Abstract class that allows for easy implementation of PlatformTransactionManager.
DefaultTransactionDefinition Default implementation of the TransactionDefinition interface, offering bean-style configuration and sensible default values (PROPAGATION_REQUIRED, ISOLATION_DEFAULT, TIMEOUT_DEFAULT).
TransactionCallbackWithoutResult Simple convenience class for TransactionCallback implementation.
TransactionSynchronizationManager Manages a list of transactions synchronizations per thread.
TransactionTemplate Helper class that simplifies programmatic transaction demarcation (via the "execute" method) and exception handling.

Package Description

Support classes for the com.interface21.transaction package. Provides an abstract base class for transaction manager implementations, and a template plus callback for transaction demarcation.

Rod Johnson and Spring contributors 2001-2003.