Class AbstractCachingViewResolver

All Implemented Interfaces:
ApplicationContextAware, ViewResolver
Direct Known Subclasses:
InternalResourceViewResolver, ResourceBundleViewResolver, XmlViewResolver

public abstract class AbstractCachingViewResolver
extends ApplicationObjectSupport
implements ViewResolver

Convenient superclass for view resolvers. Caches views once resolved. This means that view resolution won't be a performance problem, no matter how costly initial view retrieval is. View retrieval is deferred to subclasses.

Rod Johnson

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Constructor Summary
Method Summary
 boolean isCache()
          If caching is enabled.
protected abstract  View loadView(java.lang.String viewName, java.util.Locale locale)
          Subclasses must implement this method.
 View resolveViewName(java.lang.String viewName, java.util.Locale locale)
          Resolve the given view by name.
 void setCache(boolean cache)
          Enable caching.
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Constructor Detail


public AbstractCachingViewResolver()
Method Detail


public void setCache(boolean cache)
Enable caching. Disable this only for debugging and development. Default is for caching to be enabled.

Warning: disabling caching severely impacts performance. Tests indicate that turning caching off reduces performance by at least 20%. Increased object churn probably eventually makes the problem even worse.


public boolean isCache()
If caching is enabled.


public final View resolveViewName(java.lang.String viewName,
                                  java.util.Locale locale)
                           throws javax.servlet.ServletException
Description copied from interface: ViewResolver
Resolve the given view by name.
Specified by:
resolveViewName in interface ViewResolver
Following copied from interface: com.interface21.web.servlet.ViewResolver
viewName - name of the view to resolve
locale - Locale in which to resolve the view. ViewResolvers that support internationalization should respect this.
javax.servlet.ServletException - if the view cannot be resolved.


protected abstract View loadView(java.lang.String viewName,
                                 java.util.Locale locale)
                          throws javax.servlet.ServletException
Subclasses must implement this method. There need be no concern for efficiency, as this class will cache views. Not all subclasses may support internationalization: A subclass that doesn't can ignore the locale parameter.
viewName - name of the view to retrieve
locale - Locale to retrieve the view for
the View if it can be resolved, or null
javax.servlet.ServletException - if there is an error trying to resolve the view

Rod Johnson and Spring contributors 2001-2003.