An add-on for the Spring Framework performing JSR-250 dependency injection, annotation processing and EJB 3.0-style interception, developed by Interface21 and BEA Systems.

Read the Pitchfork Project FAQ to find out how the Pitchfork project came about, and how it relates to Spring.

This project was used to implement these features in the WebLogic Server Tech Preview released at JavaOne, 2006, and is scheduled for inclusion in the next major release of WebLogic Server. It is also usable outside an application server as an add-on to the Spring Framework. This project allows mixing and matching the powerful Spring programming model with Java EE 5 constructs. 

Like the Spring Framework itself, Pitchfork is published under the Apache Software License, Version 2.0.

The current version is 1.0 M5.


Project lead:

  • Rod Johnson, SpringSource


  • Costin Leau, SpringSource
  • Michael Chen, BEA Systems

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