7.7 Deploying the application

Maven can now build both the PAR application and the collection of dependencies required for the application. In this step the PAR and dependencies are copied to the dm Server and the PAR is started.

Copy the JARs in the target/par-provided directory into the $DMS_HOME/repository/bundles/usr/ directory.

Copy the PAR (greenpages-2.1.0.RELEASE.par) in the target/ directory into the $DMS_HOME/pickup directory.

Start the dm Server. You should see output similar to:

<DE0010I> Deployment of 'greenpages' version '2.1.0.RELEASE' completed.

Once deployment of the GreenPages application has completed, navigate to http://localhost:8080/greenpages.

The GreenPages application has been built from the command line, with a complete dependency set generated for independent deployment.

The automated build and test procedure is to run mvn clean install from the base directory, generating the component bundles, and then to run mvn clean package from the greenpages directory to generate the PAR and produce all its dependencies.