7. Tooling

SpringSource provides a set of plug-ins for the Eclipse IDE that streamline the development lifecycle of OSGi bundles and PAR applications. The SpringSource dm Server Tools build on top of the Eclipse Web Tools Project (WTP) and Spring IDE, the open-source Spring development tool set.

The SpringSource dm Server Tools support the creation of new OSGi bundle and PAR projects within Eclipse, and the conversion of existing projects into OSGi bundle projects. Projects can then be deployed and debugged on a running dm Server from within Eclipse.

7.1 Installation

Currently the Tools support Eclipse 3.3 and Eclipse 3.4 with the corresponding version of WTP. Downloading and unzipping the Eclipse IDE for Java EE Developers is the easiest way to start.

Execute the following steps to install the Tools into your Eclipse environment.

  1. Install Spring IDE 2.1.0 from http://springide.org/updatesite/ using the Eclipse Update Manager.

    Don’t try to install the "Spring IDE Dependencies (only for Eclipse 3.2.x)" from the "Dependency" category on Eclipse 3.3. This feature is intended only for Eclipse 3.2 and is to keep Spring IDE backward-compatible. You will not be able to continue with the installation if you select this feature on Eclipse 3.3.

  2. Install the Tools from http://static.springsource.com/projects/sts-dm-server/update/ using the Eclipse Update Manager.