Appendix A. Event log codes

A.1 Format of the event log codes

Event log codes issued by dm Server have the general syntax <XXnnnnL> where:

XX is a two-letter code (upper-case) identifying the region of the dm Server code which issued the log message;
nnnn is a four-digit message number; and
L is a single-letter (upper-case) code identifying the level of the message.

The two-letter codes are (this list is not complete):
DEcom.springsource.kernel.deployer.core the Deployer the Hot Deployer
KEcom.springsource.kernel.core the Kernel
OFcom.springsource.kernel.osgi Osgi Framework
OPcom.springsource.kernel.osgi.provisioning Osgi Provisioning
RPcom.springsource.repository the Repository

The four-digit numbers identify the message text (with placeholders for inserted values). These are not listed here, but can be discovered by examining the files called, found in the relevant packages.

The single-digit level code is one of:

EError level: enabled if level is ERROR.
WWarning level: enabled if level is WARNING or above.
IInfo level: enabled if level is INFO or above.
DDebug level: enabled if level is DEBUG or above.
TTrace level: always enabled.

There are never two messages with the same prefix and number, but with different levels.