8.2 Undeploying Artifacts

You undeploy artifacts from SpringSource dm Server by using either the hot-deploy directory on the file system, or the Admin Console.

Note: As with deploying, in this guide the terms undeploying and uninstalling are used interchageably.

Hot Undeploy

To hot-undeploy an artifact, remove the corresponding file from the pickup directory (by default $SERVER_HOME/pickup):

prompt$ cd $SERVER_HOME/pickup
prompt$ rm helloWorld.war

When SpringSource dm Server completes the undeployment of the artifact, messages similar to the following appear in the log:

[2009-12-10 06:46:33.254] fs-watcher   <HD0001I> Hot deployer processing 'DELETED' event for file 'helloWorld.war'.
[2009-12-10 06:46:33.259] Thread-3     <WE0002I> Stopping web bundle 'helloWorld' version '0.0.0' with context path '/helloWorld'.
[2009-12-10 06:46:33.285] Thread-3     <WE0003I> Stopped web bundle 'helloWorld' version '0.0.0' with context path '/helloWorld'.
[2009-12-10 06:46:33.290] fs-watcher   <DE0010I> Stopping bundle 'helloWorld' version '0.0.0'.
[2009-12-10 06:46:33.295] fs-watcher   <DE0011I> Stopped bundle 'helloWorld' version '0.0.0'.
[2009-12-10 06:46:33.302] fs-watcher   <DE0013I> Uninstalling bundle 'helloWorld' version '0.0.0'.
[2009-12-10 06:46:33.319] fs-watcher   <DE0014I> Uninstalled bundle 'helloWorld' version '0.0.0'.

Undeploying Using the Admin Console

You can undeploy only whole artifacts from the Admin Console, or in other words, you cannot undeploy the separate modules or bundles that make up an artifact.

The only artifact that you cannot undeploy from the Admin Console is the Admin Console itself. If you need to undeploy this application, you must remove it from the pickup directory (by default SERVER_HOME/pickup); the name of the artifact is com.springsource.server.admin-

See Viewing and Managing the Lifecycle of Deployed Artifacts for details about uninstalling (undeploying) an artifact using the Admin Console. The high-level steps are to highlight the artifact in the artifact tree then click Uninstall.