Class ImmediateAcknowledgeAmqpException

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public class ImmediateAcknowledgeAmqpException extends AmqpException
Special exception for listener implementations that want to signal that the current batch of messages should be acknowledged immediately (i.e. as soon as possible) without rollback, and without consuming any more messages within the current transaction.
Dave Syer, Gary Russell
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  • Constructor Details

    • ImmediateAcknowledgeAmqpException

      public ImmediateAcknowledgeAmqpException(String message)
    • ImmediateAcknowledgeAmqpException

      public ImmediateAcknowledgeAmqpException(Throwable cause)
    • ImmediateAcknowledgeAmqpException

      public ImmediateAcknowledgeAmqpException(String message, Throwable cause)