Interface PublisherCallbackChannel.Listener

  • All Known Implementing Classes:
    BatchingRabbitTemplate, RabbitTemplate, TestRabbitTemplate
    Enclosing interface:

    public static interface PublisherCallbackChannel.Listener
    Listeners implementing this interface can participate in publisher confirms received from multiple channels, by invoking addListener on each channel. Standard AMQP channels do not support a listener being registered on multiple channels.
    • Method Detail

      • handleConfirm

        void handleConfirm​(PendingConfirm pendingConfirm,
                           boolean ack)
        Invoked by the channel when a confirm is received.
        pendingConfirm - The pending confirmation, containing correlation data.
        ack - true when 'ack', false when 'nack'.
      • handleReturn

        default void handleReturn​(int replyCode,
                                  String replyText,
                                  String exchange,
                                  String routingKey,
                                  com.rabbitmq.client.AMQP.BasicProperties properties,
                                  byte[] body)
        Handle a returned message.
        replyCode - the reply code.
        replyText - the reply text.
        exchange - the exchange.
        routingKey - the routing key.
        properties - the message properties.
        body - the message body.
      • handleReturn

        default void handleReturn​(com.rabbitmq.client.Return returned)
        Handle a returned message.
        returned - the message and metadata.
      • revoke

        void revoke​(com.rabbitmq.client.Channel channel)
        When called, this listener should remove all references to the channel - it will no longer be invoked by the channel.
        channel - The channel.
      • getUUID

        String getUUID()
        Returns the UUID used to identify this Listener for returns.
        A string representation of the UUID.
      • isConfirmListener

        boolean isConfirmListener()
      • isReturnListener

        boolean isReturnListener()