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The reference documentation is divided into several sections:

Spring Batch Introduction

Background, usage scenarios, and general guidelines.

Spring Batch Architecture

Spring Batch architecture, general batch principles, batch processing strategies.

What’s new in Spring Batch 5.0

New features introduced in version 5.0.

The Domain Language of Batch

Core concepts and abstractions of the Batch domain language.

Configuring and Running a Job

Job configuration, execution, and administration.

Configuring a Step

Step configuration, different types of steps, and controlling step flow.

Item reading and writing

ItemReader and ItemWriter interfaces and how to use them.

Item processing

ItemProcessor interface and how to use it.

Scaling and Parallel Processing

Multi-threaded steps, parallel steps, remote chunking, and partitioning.


Completion policies and exception handling of repetitive actions.


Retry and backoff policies of retryable operations.

Unit Testing

Job and Step testing facilities and APIs.

Common Patterns

Common batch processing patterns and guidelines.

Spring Batch Integration

Integration between Spring Batch and Spring Integration projects.

Monitoring and metrics

Batch jobs monitoring and metrics.

The following appendices are available:

List of ItemReaders and ItemWriters

List of all provided item readers and writers.

Meta-Data Schema

Core tables used by the Batch domain model.

Batch Processing and Transactions

Transaction boundaries, propagation, and isolation levels used in Spring Batch.


Glossary of common terms, concepts, and vocabulary of the Batch domain.

Lucas Ward, Dave Syer, Thomas Risberg, Robert Kasanicky, Dan Garrette, Wayne Lund, Michael Minella, Chris Schaefer, Gunnar Hillert, Glenn Renfro, Jay Bryant, Mahmoud Ben Hassine

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