Class GenericApplicationContextFactory

All Implemented Interfaces:
ApplicationContextFactory, org.springframework.beans.factory.Aware, org.springframework.context.ApplicationContextAware

public class GenericApplicationContextFactory extends AbstractApplicationContextFactory
ApplicationContextFactory implementation that takes a parent context and a path to the context to create. When the createApplicationContext method is called, the child ApplicationContext is returned. The child context is not re-created every time it is requested. It is lazily initialized and cached. Clients should ensure that it is closed when it is no longer needed.
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    • GenericApplicationContextFactory

      public GenericApplicationContextFactory(Object... resources)
      Create an application context factory for the specified resource. The resource can be an actual Resource (in which case, it is interpreted as an XML file), or it can be a @Configuration class or a package name. All types must be the same (mixing XML with a Java package, for example, is not allowed and results in an IllegalArgumentException).
      resources - some resources (XML configuration files, @Configuration classes, or Java packages to scan)
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