Class DefaultJobParametersValidator

All Implemented Interfaces:
JobParametersValidator, org.springframework.beans.factory.InitializingBean

public class DefaultJobParametersValidator extends Object implements JobParametersValidator, org.springframework.beans.factory.InitializingBean
Default implementation of JobParametersValidator.
Dave Syer, Mahmoud Ben Hassine
  • Constructor Details

    • DefaultJobParametersValidator

      public DefaultJobParametersValidator()
      Convenient default constructor for unconstrained validation.
    • DefaultJobParametersValidator

      public DefaultJobParametersValidator(String[] requiredKeys, String[] optionalKeys)
      Create a new validator with the required and optional job parameter keys provided.
      requiredKeys - the required keys
      optionalKeys - the optional keys
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  • Method Details

    • afterPropertiesSet

      public void afterPropertiesSet() throws IllegalStateException
      Check that there are no overlaps between required and optional keys.
      Specified by:
      afterPropertiesSet in interface org.springframework.beans.factory.InitializingBean
      IllegalStateException - if there is an overlap
    • validate

      public void validate(@Nullable JobParameters parameters) throws JobParametersInvalidException
      Check the parameters meet the specification provided. If optional keys are explicitly specified then all keys must be in that list, or in the required list. Otherwise all keys that are specified as required must be present.
      Specified by:
      validate in interface JobParametersValidator
      parameters - some JobParameters (can be null)
      JobParametersInvalidException - if the parameters are not valid
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    • setRequiredKeys

      public final void setRequiredKeys(String[] requiredKeys)
      The keys that are required in the parameters. The default is empty, meaning that all parameters are optional, unless optional keys are explicitly specified.
      requiredKeys - the required key values
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    • setOptionalKeys

      public final void setOptionalKeys(String[] optionalKeys)
      The keys that are optional in the parameters. If any keys are explicitly optional, then to be valid all other keys must be explicitly required. The default is empty, meaning that all parameters that are not required are optional.
      optionalKeys - the optional key values
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