Class AlwaysSkipItemSkipPolicy

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public class AlwaysSkipItemSkipPolicy extends Object implements SkipPolicy
Implementation of the SkipPolicy interface that will always return that an item should be skipped.
Ben Hale, Lucas Ward, Mahmoud Ben Hassine
  • Constructor Details

    • AlwaysSkipItemSkipPolicy

      public AlwaysSkipItemSkipPolicy()
  • Method Details

    • shouldSkip

      public boolean shouldSkip(Throwable t, long skipCount)
      Description copied from interface: SkipPolicy
      Returns true or false, indicating whether or not processing should continue with the given throwable. Clients may use skipCount<0 to probe for exception types that are skippable, so implementations should be able to handle gracefully the case where skipCount<0. Implementations should avoid throwing any undeclared exceptions.
      Specified by:
      shouldSkip in interface SkipPolicy
      t - exception encountered while processing
      skipCount - currently running count of skips
      true if processing should continue, false otherwise.