79. Messaging

79.1 Disable transacted JMS session

If your JMS broker does not support transacted session, you will have to disable the support of transactions altogether. If you create your own JmsListenerContainerFactory there is nothing to do since it won’t be transacted by default. If you want to use the DefaultJmsListenerContainerFactoryConfigurer to reuse Spring Boot’s default, you can disable transacted session as follows:

public DefaultJmsListenerContainerFactory jmsListenerContainerFactory(
        ConnectionFactory connectionFactory,
        DefaultJmsListenerContainerFactoryConfigurer configurer) {
    DefaultJmsListenerContainerFactory listenerFactory =
            new DefaultJmsListenerContainerFactory();
    configurer.configure(listenerFactory, connectionFactory);
    return listenerFactory;

This overrides the default factory and this should be applied to any other factory that your application defines, if any.