Appendix A: Common application properties

Various properties can be specified inside your file, inside your application.yml file, or as command line switches. This appendix provides a list of common Spring Cloud Cloud Foundry properties and references to the underlying classes that consume them.

Property contributions can come from additional jar files on your classpath, so you should not consider this an exhaustive list. Also, you can define your own properties.
Name Default Description


Port to use when no port is defined by service discovery.


Flag to indicate that discovery is enabled.


Frequency in milliseconds of poll for heart beat. The client will poll on this frequency and broadcast a list of service ids.


Default internal domain when configured to use Native DNS service discovery.


Order of the discovery client used by CompositeDiscoveryClient for sorting available clients.


Whether to resolve hostname when BOSH DNS is used. In order to use this feature, must be true.


Whether to use BOSH DNS for the discovery. In order to use this feature, your Cloud Foundry installation must support Service Discovery.

Organization name to initially target.

Password for user to authenticate and obtain token.


Space name to initially target.

URL of Cloud Foundry API (Cloud Controller).

Username to authenticate (usually an email address).