2. Spring Cloud Stream

Spring Cloud Stream is a framework for building message-driven microservice applications. Spring Cloud Stream builds upon Spring Boot to create standalone, production-grade Spring applications, and uses Spring Integration to provide connectivity to message brokers. It provides opinionated configuration of middleware from several vendors, introducing the concepts of persistent publish-subscribe semantics, consumer groups, and partitions.

For more details about the core framework components and the supported features, please review Spring Cloud Stream’s reference guide.

There’s a rich ecosystem of Spring Cloud Stream Application-Starters that can be used either as standalone data microservice applications or in Spring Cloud Data Flow. For convenience, we have generated RabbitMQ and Apache Kafka variants of these application-starters that are available for use from Maven Repo and Docker Hub as maven artifacts and docker images, respectively.

Do you have a requirement to develop custom applications? No problem. Refer to this guide to create custom stream applications. There’re several samples available for reference.