14. Cloud Foundry

Spring Cloud GCP provides support for Cloud Foundry’s GCP Service Broker. Our Pub/Sub, Cloud Spanner, Storage, Stackdriver Trace and Cloud SQL MySQL and PostgreSQL starters are Cloud Foundry aware and retrieve properties like project ID, credentials, etc., that are used in auto configuration from the Cloud Foundry environment.

In cases like Pub/Sub’s topic and subscription, or Storage’s bucket name, where those parameters are not used in auto configuration, you can fetch them using the VCAP mapping provided by Spring Boot. For example, to retrieve the provisioned Pub/Sub topic, you can use the vcap.services.mypubsub.credentials.topic_name property from the application environment.


If the same service is bound to the same application more than once, the auto configuration will not be able to choose among bindings and will not be activated for that service. This includes both MySQL and PostgreSQL bindings to the same app.


In order for the Cloud SQL integration to work in Cloud Foundry, auto-reconfiguration must be disabled. You can do so using the cf set-env <APP> JBP_CONFIG_SPRING_AUTO_RECONFIGURATION '{enabled: false}' command. Otherwise, Cloud Foundry will produce a DataSource with an invalid JDBC URL (i.e., jdbc:mysql://null/null).