!!!! IMPORTANT !!!!

Spring Cloud Sleuth’s last minor version is 3.1. You can check the 3.1.x branch for the latest commits.

Spring Cloud Sleuth will not work with Spring Boot 3.x onward. The last major version of Spring Boot that Sleuth will support is 2.x.

The core of this project got moved to Micrometer Tracing project and the instrumentations will be moved to Micrometer and all respective projects (no longer all instrumentations will be done in a single repository.

You can check the Micrometer Tracing migration guide to learn how to migrate from Spring Cloud Sleuth to Micrometer Tracing.

The reference documentation consists of the following sections:


Legal information.

Documentation Overview

About the Documentation, Getting Help, First Steps, and more.

Getting Started

Introducing Spring Cloud Sleuth, Developing Your First Spring Cloud Sleuth-based Application

Using Spring Cloud Sleuth

Spring Cloud Sleuth usage examples and workflows.

Spring Cloud Sleuth Features

Span creation, context propagation, and more.

“How-to” Guides

Add sampling, propagate remote tags, and more.

Spring Cloud Sleuth Integrations

Instrumentation configuration, context propagation, and more.


Span definitions and configuration properties.