Interface TaskConfigurer

All Known Implementing Classes:
CustomTaskConfigurer, DefaultTaskConfigurer

public interface TaskConfigurer
Provides a strategy interface for providing configuration customization to the task system. Users should not directly use getter methods from a TaskConfigurer directly unless they are using it to supply the implementations for Spring Beans.
Glenn Renfro
  • Method Details

    • getTaskRepository

      TaskRepository getTaskRepository()
      Create a TaskRepository for the Task.
      A TaskRepository
    • getTransactionManager

      org.springframework.transaction.PlatformTransactionManager getTransactionManager()
      Create a PlatformTransactionManager for use with the TaskRepository.
      A PlatformTransactionManager
    • getTaskExplorer

      TaskExplorer getTaskExplorer()
      Create a TaskExplorer for the task.
      a TaskExplorer
    • getTaskDataSource

      DataSource getTaskDataSource()
      Retrieves the DataSource that will be used for task operations. If a DataSource is not being used for the implemented TaskConfigurer this method will return null.
      DataSource that will be used for task operations.