Class TaskExecution


public class TaskExecution extends Object
Represents the state of the Task for each execution.
Glenn Renfro, Michael Minella, Ilayaperumal Gopinathan
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  • Method Details

    • getExecutionId

      public long getExecutionId()
    • getExitCode

      public Integer getExitCode()
    • setExitCode

      public void setExitCode(Integer exitCode)
    • getTaskName

      public String getTaskName()
    • setTaskName

      public void setTaskName(String taskName)
    • getStartTime

      public LocalDateTime getStartTime()
    • setStartTime

      public void setStartTime(LocalDateTime startTime)
    • getEndTime

      public LocalDateTime getEndTime()
    • setEndTime

      public void setEndTime(LocalDateTime endTime)
    • getExitMessage

      public String getExitMessage()
    • setExitMessage

      public void setExitMessage(String exitMessage)
    • getArguments

      public List<String> getArguments()
    • setArguments

      public void setArguments(List<String> arguments)
    • getErrorMessage

      public String getErrorMessage()
    • setErrorMessage

      public void setErrorMessage(String errorMessage)
    • getExternalExecutionId

      public String getExternalExecutionId()
    • setExternalExecutionId

      public void setExternalExecutionId(String externalExecutionId)
    • getParentExecutionId

      public Long getParentExecutionId()
    • setParentExecutionId

      public void setParentExecutionId(Long parentExecutionId)
    • toString

      public String toString()
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