Interface MapIdCassandraRepository<T>

All Superinterfaces:
CassandraRepository<T,MapId>, CrudRepository<T,MapId>, ListCrudRepository<T,MapId>, Repository<T,MapId>

@NoRepositoryBean public interface MapIdCassandraRepository<T> extends CassandraRepository<T,MapId>
Cassandra repository interface using MapId to represent Ids.

This interface uses MapId for the id type, allowing you to annotate entity fields or properties with @PrimaryKeyColumn. Use this interface if you do not require a composite primary key class and want to specify the Id with MapId.

Steps to use this interface:

  • Define your entity, including a field or property for each column, including those for partition and (optional) cluster columns.
  • Annotate each partition & cluster field or property with @PrimaryKeyColumn
  • Define your repository interface to be a subinterface of this interface, which uses a provided id type, MapId (implemented by BasicMapId).
  • Whenever you need a MapId, you can use the static factory method (which is convenient if you import statically) and the builder method MapId.with(String, Object) to easily construct an id.
  • Optionally, entity class authors can have their entities implement MapIdentifiable, to make it easier and quicker for entity clients to get the entity's identity.
Matthew T. Adams, Mark Paluch
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