Class SimpleTypeHolder


public class SimpleTypeHolder extends Object
Simple container to hold a set of types to be considered simple types.
Oliver Gierke, Christoph Strobl, Mark Paluch
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  • Constructor Details

    • SimpleTypeHolder

      protected SimpleTypeHolder()
      Creates a new SimpleTypeHolder containing the default types.
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    • SimpleTypeHolder

      public SimpleTypeHolder(Set<? extends Class<?>> customSimpleTypes, boolean registerDefaults)
      Creates a new SimpleTypeHolder to carry the given custom simple types. Registration of default simple types can be deactivated by passing false for registerDefaults.
      customSimpleTypes -
      registerDefaults -
    • SimpleTypeHolder

      public SimpleTypeHolder(Set<? extends Class<?>> customSimpleTypes, SimpleTypeHolder source)
      Copy constructor to create a new SimpleTypeHolder that carries the given additional custom simple types.
      customSimpleTypes - must not be null
      source - must not be null
  • Method Details

    • isSimpleType

      public boolean isSimpleType(Class<?> type)
      Returns whether the given type is considered a simple one.
      type - must not be null.