Class RepositoryRegistrationAotProcessor

All Implemented Interfaces:
BeanRegistrationAotProcessor, Aware, BeanFactoryAware

public class RepositoryRegistrationAotProcessor extends Object implements BeanRegistrationAotProcessor, BeanFactoryAware
BeanRegistrationAotProcessor responsible processing and providing AOT configuration for repositories.

Processes repository factory beans to provide generic type information to the AOT tooling to allow deriving target type from the bean definition. If generic types do not match due to customization of the factory bean by the user, at least the target repository type is provided via the FactoryBean.OBJECT_TYPE_ATTRIBUTE.

With contribute(AotRepositoryContext, GenerationContext), stores can provide custom logic for contributing additional (eg. reflection) configuration. By default, reflection configuration will be added for types reachable from the repository declaration and query methods as well as all used annotations from the namespace.

The processor is typically configured via RepositoryConfigurationExtension.getRepositoryAotProcessor() and gets added by the RepositoryConfigurationDelegate.
Christoph Strobl, John Blum