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Class SpringPluginInitializer

  extended by org.springframework.data.neo4j.server.SpringPluginInitializer
All Implemented Interfaces:

public abstract class SpringPluginInitializer
extends Object
implements org.neo4j.server.plugins.PluginLifecycle

Initializer to run Spring Data Graph based Server Plugins in a Neo4j REST-server. It takes the list of config locations and a number of spring beans from those contexts that should be exposed as injectable dependencies with a Jersey @Context.
For example:

 class MyInitializer extends SpringPluginInitializer {
     public MyInitializer() {
         super(new String[]{"myContext.xml"},"graphRepositoryFactory","myRepository");

Field Summary
protected  ProvidedClassPathXmlApplicationContext ctx
Constructor Summary
SpringPluginInitializer(String[] contextLocations, org.neo4j.helpers.Pair<String,Class>... exposedBeans)
Method Summary
protected static org.neo4j.helpers.Pair<String,Class> expose(String name, Class<?> type)
 Collection<org.neo4j.server.plugins.Injectable<?>> start(org.neo4j.graphdb.GraphDatabaseService graphDatabaseService, org.apache.commons.configuration.Configuration config)
          Binds the provided graph database to the spring contexts so that spring beans that consume a graph database can be populated.
 void stop()
          closes the spring context
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Field Detail


protected ProvidedClassPathXmlApplicationContext ctx
Constructor Detail


public SpringPluginInitializer(String[] contextLocations,
                               org.neo4j.helpers.Pair<String,Class>... exposedBeans)
Method Detail


protected static org.neo4j.helpers.Pair<String,Class> expose(String name,
                                                             Class<?> type)


public Collection<org.neo4j.server.plugins.Injectable<?>> start(org.neo4j.graphdb.GraphDatabaseService graphDatabaseService,
                                                                org.apache.commons.configuration.Configuration config)
Binds the provided graph database to the spring contexts so that spring beans that consume a graph database can be populated.

Specified by:
start in interface org.neo4j.server.plugins.PluginLifecycle
graphDatabaseService - of the Neo4j server
config - of the Neo4j Server
Exposes the requested Spring beans as @{see Injectable}s


public void stop()
closes the spring context

Specified by:
stop in interface org.neo4j.server.plugins.PluginLifecycle

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