Spring Data Graph

Package org.springframework.data.neo4j.core

Interface Summary
EntityPath<S extends NodeBacked,E extends NodeBacked>  
EntityState<ENTITY extends GraphBacked<STATE>,STATE> Interface for classes encapsulating and delegating read and write field access of an GraphBacked entity to a number of field accessors.
FieldTraversalDescriptionBuilder Interface for classes that build traversal descriptions.
GraphBacked<STATE> super interface denoting entities that are graph backed, the backing STATE can be a Node or a Relationship.
NodeBacked Interface introduced to objects annotated with @NodeEntity by the Neo4jNodeBacking aspect.
RelationshipBacked concrete interface introduced onto Relationship entities by the Neo4jRelationshipBacking aspect, encapsulates a neo4j relationship as backing state
TypeRepresentationStrategy<S extends PropertyContainer,T extends GraphBacked<S>> Strategy to handle representation of java types in the graph.

Enum Summary

Exception Summary

Spring Data Graph

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