The JDBC support in the Spring Framework is extensive and covers the most commonly used features, but there are some new usage scenarios like type-safe queries that warrants some extension to be provided. The core part of the Spring Data JDBC Extensions project provides this type of extension and it can be used together with any supported SQL database.

1 Features provided

The following lists the various features that are covered. Each feature is documented in more detail in the following chapters

  • Core support

    The core support provides extensions to the Spring Framework JDBC support.

  • Querydsl

    The Querydsl project provides a way to work with many datastore in a type-safe manner. This includes support for working with SQL databases. We provide the "glue" that let's you easily work with Querydsl in a Spring based project.

    (As of Spring Data JDBC Extensions version 1.2.0 the Querydsl SQL support is deprecated)

2 Requirements

The requirements for using the features provided in the core module of the "Spring Data JDBC Extensions" project are listed below.

  • Java 6 or later

    The minimum Java version is now 1.6.

  • Spring Framework 3.0

    All Spring Framework features that are needed are provided in Spring Framework version 3.0 or later.

  • Apache Commons Logging

    Apache Commons Logging is used by the Spring Framework but it can be replaced by the jcl-over-slf4j bridge provided by the SLF4J project.

  • Querydsl

    The Querydsl support requires the use of Querydsl SQL module version 3.0.0 or later.