Spring Data Redis Reference Documentation


Costin Leau , Jennifer Hickey , Thomas Darimont , Christoph Strobl


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Table of Contents

I. Introduction
1. Why Spring Data Redis?
2. Requirements
3. Getting Started
3.1. First Steps
3.1.1. Knowing Spring
3.1.2. Knowing NoSQL and Key Value stores
3.1.3. Trying Out The Samples
3.2. Need Help?
3.2.1. Community Support
3.2.2. Professional Support
3.3. Following Development
II. Reference Documentation
4. Redis support
4.1. Redis Requirements
4.2. Redis Support High Level View
4.3. Connecting to Redis
4.3.1. RedisConnection and RedisConnectionFactory
4.3.2. Configuring Jedis connector
4.3.3. Configuring JRedis connector
4.3.4. Configuring SRP connector
4.3.5. Configuring Lettuce connector
4.4. Working with Objects through RedisTemplate
4.5. String-focused convenience classes
4.6. Serializers
4.7. Redis Messaging/PubSub
4.7.1. Sending/Publishing messages
4.7.2. Receiving/Subscribing for messages
Message Listener Containers
The MessageListenerAdapter
4.8. Redis Transactions
4.9. Pipelining
4.10. Redis Scripting
4.11. Support Classes
4.11.1. Support for Spring Cache Abstraction
4.12. Roadmap ahead
III. Appendixes
A. Spring Data Redis Schema(s)