Spring Data Elasticsearch 5.1.7 API

This package contains classes that use the new Elasticsearch client library (co.elastic.clients:elasticsearch-java) to access Elasticsearch.
This package contains classes that use the old Elasticsearch 7 libraries to access Elasticsearch either directly by using the RestHighLevelClient or indirectly by using code copied from Elasticsearch libraries (reactive implementation).
Interfaces and classes related to Elasticsearch cluster information and management.
Classes related to the Document structure of Elasticsearch documents and search responses.
classes and interfaces related to Spring Data Elasticsearch events and callbacks.
Classes related to Elasticsearch index management.
classes to define highlight settings parameters of a query
classes/interfaces for specification and implementation of Elasticsearch routing.
Classes and interfaces to access to script API of Elasticsearch (https://www.elastic.co/guide/en/elasticsearch/reference/8.5/script-apis.html).
infrastructure to define the Elasticsearch mapping for an index.