3. New Features

As of the 1.2.0 release, this project, formerly known as Spring GemFire, has been renamed to Spring Data GemFire to reflect that it is now a component of the Spring Data project.

3.1 New in the 1.2.0 Release

  • Full support for GemFire configuration via the gfe namespace. Now GemFire components may be configured completely without requiring a native cache.xml file.

  • WAN Gateway support for both GemFire 6.6.x. See Section 5.8, “Configuring WAN Gateways”

  • Spring Data Repository support with a dedicated namespace, gfe-data. See Chapter 9, GemFire Repositories

  • Namespace support for registering GemFire functions. See Section 5.7, “Configuring GemFire's Function Service”

  • A top level <disk-store> element has been added to the gfe namespace to allow sharing of persist stores among regions, and other components that support persistent backup. See Section 5.6, “Configuring a Disk Store”

    The <*-region> elements no longer allow a nested <disk-store>

  • GemFire subregions are supported via nested <*-region> elements

  • A <local-region> element has been added to configure a local region