4. Document structure

The following chapters explain the core functionality offered by Spring Data GemFire.

Chapter 5, Bootstrapping GemFire through the Spring Container describes the configuration support provided for bootstrapping, initializing, configuring, and accessing GemFire caches, cache servers, regions, and related distributed system components

Chapter 6, Working with the GemFire APIs explains the integration between the GemFire APIs and the various data access features available in Spring, such as transaction management and exception translation.

Chapter 7, Working with GemFire Serialization describes the enhancements for GemFire (de)serialization and management of associated objects.

Chapter 8, POJO mapping describes persistence mapping for POJOs stored in GemFire using Spring Data

Chapter 9, GemFire Repositories describes how to create and use GemFire Repositories using Spring Data

Chapter 10, Sample Applications describes the samples provided with the distribution to illustrate the various features available in Spring GemFire.