4. Working with HBase

SHDP provides basic configuration for HBase through the hbase-configuration namespace element (or its backing HbaseConfigurationFactoryBean).

<!-- default bean id is 'hbase-configuration' that uses the existing 'hadoop-configuration' object -->
<hdp:hbase-configuration configuration-ref="hadoop-configuration" />

The above declaration does more than easily create an HBase configuration object; it will also manage the backing HBase connections: when the application context shuts down, so will any HBase connections opened - this behavior can be adjusted through the stop-proxy and delete-connection attributes:

<!-- delete associated connections but do not stop the proxies -->
<hdp:hbase-configuration stop-proxy="false" delete-connection="true">

Notice that like with the other elements, one can specify additional properties specific to this configuration. In fact hbase-configuration provides the same properties configuration knobs as hadoop configuration:

<hdp:hbase-configuration properties-ref="some-props-bean" properties-location="classpath:/conf/testing/hbase.properties"/>