Spring for Apache Hadoop provides extensions to Spring, Spring Batch, and Spring Integration to build manageable and robust pipeline solutions around Hadoop.

Spring for Apache Hadoop supports reading from and writing to HDFS, running various types of Hadoop jobs (Java MapReduce, Streaming), scripting and HBase, Hive and Pig interactions. An important goal is to provide excellent support for non-Java based developers to be productive using Spring for Apache Hadoop and not have to write any Java code to use the core feature set.

Spring for Apache Hadoop also applies the familiar Spring programming model to Java MapReduce jobs by providing support for dependency injection of simple jobs as well as a POJO based MapReduce programming model that decouples your MapReduce classes from Hadoop specific details such as base classes and data types.

This document assumes the reader already has a basic familiarity with the Spring Framework and Hadoop concepts and APIs.

While every effort has been made to ensure that this documentation is comprehensive and there are no errors, nevertheless some topics might require more explanation and some typos might have crept in. If you do spot any mistakes or even more serious errors and you can spare a few cycles during lunch, please do bring the error to the attention of the Spring for Apache Hadoop team by raising an issue. Thank you.