All Classes and Interfaces

Base class for RepositoryQuery implementations for LDAP.
Handles queries for repository methods annotated with Query.
LdapPersistentEntity implementation.
Annotation to activate Ldap repositories.
QueryDSL Annotation Processor to generate QueryDSL classes for entity classes annotated with Entry.
Mapping context for LDAP-specific entities.
NamespaceHandler for LDAP configuration.
LDAP specific PersistentEntity.
QueryMethod for Ldap Queries.
Ldap specific extensions to CrudRepository.
CdiRepositoryBean to create LDAP repository instances.
CDI extension to export LDAP repositories.
Factory to create LdapRepository instances.
FactoryBean to create LdapRepository instances.
Simple constant holder for a SimpleTypeHolder enriched with LDAP-specific simple types.
RepositoryQuery implementation for LDAP.
Annotation for use in LdapRepository declarations to create automatic query methods based on statically defined queries.
Spring LDAP specific FilteredClause implementation.
since 2.6, use QuerydslLdapPredicateExecutor instead.
Base repository implementation for LDAP.