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Package Summary
Spring Data's MongoDB abstraction.
Spring XML namespace configuration for MongoDB specific repositories.
MongoDB core support.
Support for the MongoDB aggregation framework.
Core Spring Data MongoDB annotations not limited to a special use case (like Query,...).
Spring Data MongoDB specific converter infrastructure.
Support for MongoDB geo-spatial queries.
Support for MongoDB document indexing.
Infrastructure for the MongoDB document-to-object mapping subsystem.
Mapping event callback infrastructure for the MongoDB document-to-object mapping subsystem.
Support for MongoDB map-reduce operations.
MongoDB specific messaging support for listening to eg.
MongoDB specific query and update support.
MongoDB-specific JSON schema implementation classes.
Abstraction classes javascript function execution within MongoDB Server.
Support classes to transform SpEL expressions into MongoDB expressions.
MongoDB schema validation specifics.
Support for MongoDB GridFS feature.
MongoDB specific JMX monitoring support.
Infrastructure to provide driver observability using Micrometer.
MongoDB specific repository implementation.
Ahead-Of-Time processors for MongoDB repositories.
CDI support for MongoDB specific repository implementation.
Support infrastructure for the configuration of MongoDB specific repositories.
Query derivation mechanism for MongoDB specific repositories.
Support infrastructure for query derivation of MongoDB specific repositories.
MongoDB driver-specific utility classes for Bson and DBObject interaction.
MongoDB driver-specific utility classes for Json conversion.