Interface Neo4jPersistentPropertyConverterFactory

public interface Neo4jPersistentPropertyConverterFactory
This interface needs to be implemented to provide custom configuration for a Neo4jPersistentPropertyConverter. Use cases may be specific date formats or the like. The build method will receive the whole property. It is safe to assume that at least the @ConvertWith annotation is present on the property, either directly or meta-annotated.

Classes implementing this interface should have a default constructor. In case they provide a constructor asking for an instance of Neo4jConversionService, such service is provided. This allows for conversions delegating part of the conversion.

In same cases a factory might be interested in having access to a BeanFactory. In case SDN can provide it, it will prefer such a constructor to the default one or the one taken a Neo4jConversionService.

Michael J. Simons