Spring Data Neo4j 7.3.0-M1 API

This package contains configuration related support classes that can be used for application specific, annotated configuration classes.
This package contains the core infrastructure for creating an imperative or reactive client that can execute queries.
Provides a set of simples types that SDN supports.
The main mapping framework.
This package contains the callback API.
This package contains the schema that is defined by a set of classes, representing nodes and relationships and their properties.
This package provides a couple of support classes that might be helpful in your domain, for example a predicate indicating that some transaction may be retried and additional converters and id generators.
Contains the core infrastructure for translating unmanaged Neo4j transaction into Spring managed transactions.
This package provides the Neo4j imperative and reactive repository API.
Configuration infrastructure for Neo4j specific repositories, especially dedicated annotations to enable imperative and reactive Spring Data Neo4j repositories.
A set of annotations for providing custom queries to repositories.
This package provides a couple of public support classes for building custom imperative and reactive Spring Data Neo4j repository base classes.
Additional types provided by SDN.