1. Spring BlazeDS Integration Overview

1.1. Background

Spring has always aimed to be agnostic to the client technologies being used to access its core services, intentionally leaving options open and letting the community drive the demand for any new first-class integration solutions to be added to the Spring project portfolio. Spring BlazeDS Integration is an answer to the commmunity demand for a top-level solution for building Spring-powered Rich Internet Applications using Adobe Flex for the client-side technology.

BlazeDS is an open source project from Adobe that provides the remoting and messaging foundation for connecting a Flex-based front-end to Java back-end services. Though it has previously been possible to use BlazeDS to connect to Spring-managed services, it has not been in a way that feels "natural" to a Spring developer, requiring the extra burden of having to maintain a separate BlazeDS xml configuration. Spring BlazeDS Integration turns the tables by making the BlazeDS MessageBroker a Spring-managed object, opening up the pathways to a more extensive integration that follows "the Spring way".