2.10. Providing Custom Service Adapters

Using the XML config namespace automatically installs the needed implementations of flex.messaging.services.ServiceAdapter for use with the Remoting and Message services. Third-party adapters (such as those provided by the dpHibernate or Gilead projects) can be configured using the org.springframework.flex.core.ManageableComponentFactoryBean. This factory bean implementation is able to process arbitrarily complex configuration metadata supplied in JSON format (instead of arbitrarily complex XML as in the native BlazeDS configuration) and honors the lifecycle semantics (such as proper invocation of the initialize method) of the ManageableComponent. These custom adapters may be used by Spring-managed Remoting and Message destinations by either setting its id as the default for the Remoting or Message service, or by setting the service-adapter attribute for a specific destination (see the Remoting and Messaging chapters for further detail).

For example, to use the special adapter provided by dpHibernate as the default adapter with the Remoting service, the configuration would be similar to the following:

<bean id="hibernate-object" class="org.springframework.flex.core.ManageableComponentFactoryBean">
<constructor-arg value="net.digitalprimates.persistence.hibernate.HibernateAdapter"/>
    <property name="properties">
            {"hibernate" :
                {"sessionFactory" :
                    { "class" : "net.digitalprimates.persistence.hibernate.utils.HibernateUtil",
                      "getCurrentSessionMethod" : "getCurrentSession"

	<flex:remoting-service default-adapter-id="hibernate-object" />