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Packages that use NestedRuntimeException
org.springframework.aop.framework Package containing Spring's basic AOP infrastructure, compliant with the AOP Alliance interfaces. 
org.springframework.beans This package contains interfaces and classes for manipulating Java beans. 
org.springframework.beans.factory The core package implementing Spring's lightweight Inversion of Control (IoC) container. 
org.springframework.beans.factory.access Helper infrastructure to locate and access bean factories. Classes supporting the org.springframework.beans.factory package. 
org.springframework.context This package builds on the beans package to add support for message sources and for the Observer design pattern, and the ability for application objects to obtain resources using a consistent API. 
org.springframework.dao Exception hierarchy enabling sophisticated error handling independent of the data access approach in use. 
org.springframework.jca.cci This package contains Spring's support for the Common Client Interface (CCI), as defined by the J2EE Connector Architecture. 
org.springframework.jdbc The classes in this package make JDBC easier to use and reduce the likelihood of common errors. 
org.springframework.jms This package contains integration classes for JMS, allowing for Spring-style JMS access. Provides a MessageConverter abstraction to convert between Java objects and JMS messages. Support classes for Spring's JMS framework. 
org.springframework.jmx This package contains Spring's JMX support, which includes registration of Spring-managed beans as JMX MBeans as well as access to remote JMX MBeans. 
org.springframework.jmx.access Provides proxy support for accessing MBean resources through standard Java interfaces. Contains support classes for connecting to local and remote MBeanServers and for exposing an MBeanServer to remote clients. 
org.springframework.mail Spring's generic mail infrastructure. 
org.springframework.orm Root package for Spring's O/R Mapping integration classes. 
org.springframework.orm.hibernate Package providing integration of Hibernate 2.1 with Spring concepts. 
org.springframework.orm.jdo Package providing integration of JDO (Java Date Objects) with Spring concepts. 
org.springframework.orm.ojb Package providing integration of Apache OJB with Spring concepts. 
org.springframework.orm.toplink Package providing integration of Oracle TopLink with Spring concepts. 
org.springframework.remoting Exception hierarchy for Spring's remoting infrastructure, independent of any specific remote method invocation system. 
org.springframework.scheduling.quartz Support classes for the open source scheduler Quartz, allowing to set up Quartz Schedulers, JobDetails and Triggers as beans in a Spring context. 
org.springframework.transaction Exception hierarchy for Spring's transaction infrastructure, independent of any specific transaction management system. 
org.springframework.web.servlet.view.xslt Support classes for XSLT, providing a View implementation for XSLT stylesheets. 

Uses of NestedRuntimeException in org.springframework.aop.framework

Subclasses of NestedRuntimeException in org.springframework.aop.framework
 class AopConfigException
          Exception that gets thrown on illegal AOP configuration arguments.

Uses of NestedRuntimeException in org.springframework.beans

Subclasses of NestedRuntimeException in org.springframework.beans
 class BeanInstantiationException
          Exception thrown when instantiation of a bean failed.
 class BeansException
          Abstract superclass for all exceptions thrown in the beans package and subpackages.
 class FatalBeanException
          Thrown on an unrecoverable problem encountered in the beans packages or sub-packages, e.g. bad class or field.
 class InvalidPropertyException
          Exception thrown when referring to an invalid bean property.
 class MethodInvocationException
          Thrown when a bean property getter or setter method throws an exception, analogous to an InvocationTargetException.
 class NotReadablePropertyException
          Exception thrown on an attempt to get the value of a property that isn't readable, because there's no getter method.
 class NotWritablePropertyException
          Exception thrown on an attempt to set the value of a property that isn't writable, because there's no setter method.
 class NullValueInNestedPathException
          Exception thrown when navigation of a valid nested property path encounters a NullPointerException.
 class PropertyAccessException
          Superclass for exceptions related to a property access, such as type mismatch or invocation target exception.
 class PropertyAccessExceptionsException
          Combined exception, composed of individual binding propertyAccessExceptions.
 class TypeMismatchException
          Exception thrown on a type mismatch when trying to set a bean property.

Uses of NestedRuntimeException in org.springframework.beans.factory

Subclasses of NestedRuntimeException in org.springframework.beans.factory
 class BeanCreationException
          Exception thrown when a BeanFactory encounters an error when attempting to create a bean from a bean definition.
 class BeanCurrentlyInCreationException
          Exception thrown in case of a reference to a bean that's currently in creation.
 class BeanDefinitionStoreException
          Exception thrown when a BeanFactory encounters an internal error, and its definitions are invalid: for example, if an XML document containing bean definitions isn't well-formed.
 class BeanInitializationException
          Exception that a bean implementation is suggested to throw if its own factory-aware initialization code fails.
 class BeanIsAbstractException
          Exception thrown when a bean instance has been requested for a bean which has been defined as abstract
 class BeanIsNotAFactoryException
          Exception thrown when a bean is not a factory, but a user tries to get at the factory for the given bean name.
 class BeanNotOfRequiredTypeException
          Thrown when a bean doesn't match the required type.
 class FactoryBeanNotInitializedException
          Exception thrown if a FactoryBean is not fully initialized, for example because it is involved in a circular reference.
 class NoSuchBeanDefinitionException
          Exception thrown when a BeanFactory is asked for a bean instance name for which it cannot find a definition.
 class UnsatisfiedDependencyException
          Exception thrown when a bean depends on other beans or simple properties that were not specified in the bean factory definition, although dependency checking was enabled.

Uses of NestedRuntimeException in org.springframework.beans.factory.access

Subclasses of NestedRuntimeException in org.springframework.beans.factory.access
 class BootstrapException
          Exception thrown if a bean factory could not be loaded by a bootstrap class.

Uses of NestedRuntimeException in

Subclasses of NestedRuntimeException in
 class BeanDefinitionValidationException
          Exception thrown when the validation of a bean definition failed.

Uses of NestedRuntimeException in org.springframework.context

Subclasses of NestedRuntimeException in org.springframework.context
 class ApplicationContextException
          Exception thrown during application context initialization.

Uses of NestedRuntimeException in org.springframework.dao

Subclasses of NestedRuntimeException in org.springframework.dao
 class CannotAcquireLockException
          Exception thrown on failure to aquire a lock during an update, for example during a "select for update" statement.
 class CannotSerializeTransactionException
          Exception thrown on failure to complete a transaction in serialized mode due to update conflicts.
 class CleanupFailureDataAccessException
          Exception thrown when we couldn't cleanup after a data access operation, but the actual operation went OK.
 class ConcurrencyFailureException
          Exception thrown on concurrency failure.
 class DataAccessException
          Root of the hierarchy of data access exceptions discussed in Expert One-On-One J2EE Design and Development.
 class DataAccessResourceFailureException
          Data access exception thrown when a resource fails completely: for example, if we can't connect to a database using JDBC.
 class DataIntegrityViolationException
          Exception thrown when an attempt to insert or update data results in violation of an integrity constraint.
 class DataRetrievalFailureException
          Exception thrown if certain expected data could not be retrieved, e.g.
 class DeadlockLoserDataAccessException
          Generic exception thrown when the current process was a deadlock loser, and its transaction rolled back.
 class IncorrectResultSizeDataAccessException
          Data access exception thrown when a result was not of the expected size, for example when expecting a single row but getting 0 or more than 1 rows.
 class IncorrectUpdateSemanticsDataAccessException
          Data access exception thrown when something unintended appears to have happened with an update, but the transaction hasn't already been rolled back.
 class InvalidDataAccessApiUsageException
          Exception thrown on incorrect usage of the API, such as failing to "compile" a query object that needed compilation before execution.
 class InvalidDataAccessResourceUsageException
          Root for exceptions thrown when we use a data access resource incorrectly.
 class OptimisticLockingFailureException
          Exception thrown on an optimistic locking violation.
 class PessimisticLockingFailureException
          Exception thrown on a pessimistic locking violation.
 class TypeMismatchDataAccessException
          Exception thrown on mismatch between Java type and database type: for example on an attempt to set an object of the wrong type in an RDBMS column.
 class UncategorizedDataAccessException
          Normal superclass when we can't distinguish anything more specific than "something went wrong with the underlying resource": for example, a SQLException from JDBC we can't pinpoint more precisely.

Uses of NestedRuntimeException in org.springframework.jca.cci

Subclasses of NestedRuntimeException in org.springframework.jca.cci
 class CannotCreateRecordException
          Exception thrown when the creating of a CCI Record failed for connector-internal reasons.
 class CannotGetCciConnectionException
          Fatal exception thrown when we can't connect to an EIS using CCI.
 class CciOperationNotSupportedException
          Exception thrown when the connector doesn't support a specific CCI operation.
 class InvalidResultSetAccessException
          Exception thrown when a ResultSet has been accessed in an invalid fashion.
 class RecordTypeNotSupportedException
          Exception thrown when the creating of a CCI Record failed because the connector doesn't support the desired CCI Record type.

Uses of NestedRuntimeException in org.springframework.jdbc

Subclasses of NestedRuntimeException in org.springframework.jdbc
 class BadSqlGrammarException
          Exception thrown when SQL specified is invalid.
 class CannotGetJdbcConnectionException
          Fatal exception thrown when we can't connect to an RDBMS using JDBC.
 class JdbcUpdateAffectedIncorrectNumberOfRowsException
          Exception thrown when a JDBC update affects an unexpected number of rows.
 class LobRetrievalFailureException
          Exception to be thrown when a LOB could not be retrieved.
 class SQLWarningException
          Exception thrown when we're not ignoring SQLWarnings.
 class UncategorizedSQLException
          Exception thrown when we can't classify a SQLException into one of our generic data access exceptions.

Uses of NestedRuntimeException in org.springframework.jms

Subclasses of NestedRuntimeException in org.springframework.jms
 class IllegalStateException
          Runtime exception mirroring the JMS IllegalStateException.
 class InvalidClientIDException
          Runtime exception mirroring the JMS InvalidClientIDException.
 class InvalidDestinationException
          Runtime exception mirroring the JMS InvalidDestinationException.
 class InvalidSelectorException
          Runtime exception mirroring the JMS InvalidSelectorException.
 class JmsException
          Base class for exception thrown by the framework whenever it encounters a problem related to JMS.
 class JmsSecurityException
          Runtime exception mirroring the JMS JMSSecurityException.
 class MessageEOFException
          Runtime exception mirroring the JMS MessageEOFException.
 class MessageFormatException
          Runtime exception mirroring the JMS MessageFormatException.
 class MessageNotReadableException
          Runtime exception mirroring the JMS MessageNotReadableException.
 class MessageNotWriteableException
          Runtime exception mirroring the JMS MessageNotWriteableException.
 class ResourceAllocationException
          Runtime exception mirroring the JMS ResourceAllocationException.
 class TransactionInProgressException
          Runtime exception mirroring the JMS TransactionInProgressException.
 class TransactionRolledBackException
          Runtime exception mirroring the JMS TransactionRolledBackException.
 class UncategorizedJmsException
          JmsException to be thrown when no other matching subclass found.

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Subclasses of NestedRuntimeException in
 class MessageConversionException
          Thrown by MessageConverter implementations when the conversion of an object to/from a Message fails.

Uses of NestedRuntimeException in

Subclasses of NestedRuntimeException in
 class DestinationResolutionException
          Thrown by DestinationResolver when it cannot resolve a destination name.

Uses of NestedRuntimeException in org.springframework.jmx

Subclasses of NestedRuntimeException in org.springframework.jmx
 class MBeanServerNotFoundException
          Thrown when we cannot locate an instance of an MBeanServer, or when more than one instance is found.

Uses of NestedRuntimeException in org.springframework.jmx.access

Subclasses of NestedRuntimeException in org.springframework.jmx.access
 class InvocationFailureException
          Thrown when trying to invoke an operation on a proxy that is not exposed by the proxied resource's management interface.
 class MBeanInfoRetrievalException
          Thrown if an exception is encountered when trying to retrieve MBean metadata.

Uses of NestedRuntimeException in

Subclasses of NestedRuntimeException in
static class ConnectorServerFactoryBean.DelayedConnectorStartException
          Exception to be thrown if the JMX connector server cannot be started (in a concurrent thread).

Uses of NestedRuntimeException in org.springframework.mail

Subclasses of NestedRuntimeException in org.springframework.mail
 class MailAuthenticationException
          Exception thrown on failed authentication.
 class MailException
          Base class for all mail exceptions.
 class MailParseException
          Exception thrown if illegal message properties are encountered.
 class MailPreparationException
          Exception to be thrown by user code if a mail cannot be prepared properly, for example when a Velocity template cannot be rendered for the mail text.
 class MailSendException
          Exception thrown when a mail sending error is encountered.

Uses of NestedRuntimeException in org.springframework.orm

Subclasses of NestedRuntimeException in org.springframework.orm
 class ObjectOptimisticLockingFailureException
          Exception thrown on an optimistic locking violation for a mapped object.
 class ObjectRetrievalFailureException
          Exception thrown if a mapped object could not be retrieved via its identifier.

Uses of NestedRuntimeException in org.springframework.orm.hibernate

Subclasses of NestedRuntimeException in org.springframework.orm.hibernate
 class HibernateJdbcException
          Hibernate-specific subclass of UncategorizedDataAccessException, for JDBC exceptions that Hibernate rethrew.
 class HibernateObjectRetrievalFailureException
          Hibernate-specific subclass of ObjectRetrievalFailureException.
 class HibernateOptimisticLockingFailureException
          Hibernate-specific subclass of ObjectOptimisticLockingFailureException.
 class HibernateQueryException
          Hibernate-specific subclass of InvalidDataAccessResourceUsageException, thrown on invalid HQL query syntax.
 class HibernateSystemException
          Hibernate-specific subclass of UncategorizedDataAccessException, for Hibernate system errors that do not match any concrete org.springframework.dao exceptions.

Uses of NestedRuntimeException in org.springframework.orm.jdo

Subclasses of NestedRuntimeException in org.springframework.orm.jdo
 class JdoObjectRetrievalFailureException
          JDO-specific subclass of ObjectRetrievalFailureException.
 class JdoOptimisticLockingFailureException
          JDO-specific subclass of ObjectOptimisticLockingFailureException.
 class JdoResourceFailureException
          JDO-specific subclass of DataAccessResourceFailureException.
 class JdoSystemException
          JDO-specific subclass of UncategorizedDataAccessException, for JDO system errors that do not match any concrete org.springframework.dao exceptions.
 class JdoUsageException
          JDO-specific subclass of InvalidDataAccessApiUsageException.

Uses of NestedRuntimeException in org.springframework.orm.ojb

Subclasses of NestedRuntimeException in org.springframework.orm.ojb
 class OjbOperationException
          Generic exception thrown on OJB operation failure without SQLException cause.

Uses of NestedRuntimeException in org.springframework.orm.toplink

Subclasses of NestedRuntimeException in org.springframework.orm.toplink
 class TopLinkJdbcException
          TopLink-specific subclass of DataAccessException, for JDBC exceptions that TopLink rethrew.
 class TopLinkOptimisticLockingFailureException
          TopLink-specific subclass of ObjectOptimisticLockingFailureException.
 class TopLinkQueryException
          TopLink-specific subclass of InvalidDataAccessResourceUsageException, thrown on invalid TopLik query syntax or behavior.
 class TopLinkSystemException
          TopLink-specific subclass of UncategorizedDataAccessException, for TopLink system errors that do not match any concrete org.springframework.dao exceptions.

Uses of NestedRuntimeException in org.springframework.remoting

Subclasses of NestedRuntimeException in org.springframework.remoting
 class RemoteAccessException
          Generic remote access exception.
 class RemoteConnectFailureException
          RemoteAccessException subclass to be thrown when no connection could be established with a remote service.
 class RemoteLookupFailureException
          RemoteAccessException subclass to be thrown in case of a lookup failure, typically if the lookup happens on demand for each method invocation.
 class RemoteProxyFailureException
          RemoteAccessException subclass to be thrown in case of a failure within the client-side proxy for a remote service, for example when a method is not found on the underlying stub.

Uses of NestedRuntimeException in org.springframework.scheduling.quartz

Subclasses of NestedRuntimeException in org.springframework.scheduling.quartz
static class ResourceJobSchedulingDataProcessor.JobSchedulingDataInitializationException
          Exception to be thrown if a resource cannot be loaded.
static class SchedulerFactoryBean.DelayedSchedulerStartException
          Exception to be thrown if the Quartz scheduler cannot be started after the specified delay has passed.

Uses of NestedRuntimeException in org.springframework.transaction

Subclasses of NestedRuntimeException in org.springframework.transaction
 class CannotCreateTransactionException
          Exception thrown when a transaction can't be created using an underlying transaction API such as JTA.
 class HeuristicCompletionException
          Exception that represents a transaction failure caused by a heuristic decision on the side of the transaction coordinator.
 class IllegalTransactionStateException
          Exception thrown when the existence or non-existence of a transaction amounts to an illegal state according to the transaction propagation behavior that applies.
 class InvalidIsolationLevelException
          Exception that gets thrown when an invalid isolation level is specified, i.e. an isolation level that the transaction manager implementation doesn't support.
 class InvalidTimeoutException
          Exception that gets thrown when an invalid timeout is specified, i.e. the transaction manager implementation doesn't support timeouts.
 class NestedTransactionNotSupportedException
          Exception thrown when attempting to work with a nested transaction but nested transactions are not supported by the underlying backend.
 class NoTransactionException
          Exception thrown when an operation is attempted that relies on an existing transaction (such as setting rollback status) and there is no existing transaction.
 class TransactionException
          Superclass for all transaction exceptions.
 class TransactionSuspensionNotSupportedException
          Exception thrown when attempting to suspend an existing transaction but transaction suspension is not supported by the underlying backend.
 class TransactionSystemException
          Exception thrown when a general transaction system error is encountered, like on commit or rollback.
 class TransactionTimedOutException
          Exception to be thrown when a transaction has timed out.
 class TransactionUsageException
          Superclass for exceptions caused by inappropriate usage of a Spring transaction API.
 class UnexpectedRollbackException
          Thrown when an attempt to commit a transaction resulted in an unexpected rollback.

Uses of NestedRuntimeException in org.springframework.web.servlet.view.xslt

Subclasses of NestedRuntimeException in org.springframework.web.servlet.view.xslt
static class FormatHelper.XsltFormattingException
          Deprecated. Exception thrown in case of formatting failure.

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